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UK Electronic Visa Waiver Introduced for Oman, Qatar and the UAE

The application process for nationals of Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to visit the UK for up to six months has been simplified.

From 1 January 2014 these nationals will simply need an electronic visa waiver (EVW) completed at least 48 hours before the intended time of travel to the UK.

An EVW form can be completed free online up to three months before the intended travel date.  There is no need for individuals to provide biometric information, attend a visa application centre, or submit passports before travel.  Individuals need only complete details online of their departure to the UK and their departure from the UK. They must then print their EVW form and present it at their departure port and on arrival in the UK, with their passport.  The EVW document will replace the need to complete a landing card on arrival.

For frequent visitors to the UK or those with concerns over their immigration history, it may be more appropriate to apply for a visit visa before travelling.  Visit visas are available for durations of up to 10 years.

As far as we are aware there is no plan to roll out the EVW to other visa nationals.

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UK Electronic Visa Waiver Introduced for Oman, Qatar and the UAE